Japanese Sushi cazy crowded in Hanoi at Senkaku Japanese Restaurant

The devotees of Japanese cuisine, please pick up your wallet and “run away” to Senkaku restaurant -Japanese food street now

Japanese cuisine has long been an indispensable dash in Hanoi’s youth snacking notebooks. Japanese food is often streamlined in the selection of ingredients and flavors, but attracts people thanks to the sophistication and ingenuity in processing and the elegance and elegance exuding from the Japanese style.

Not to mention the restaurant-class dishes, right from the snacks, one can also feel the Japanese style in it. If you want to have a “taste” of the way that way, go to these addresses right away to enjoy Japanese snacks in Hanoi.

Sushi Maki

Stubborn fans of Japanese cuisine cannot miss Senkaku. The shop is on the 8th floor, relatively open and the view of West Lake is super beautiful. The first time entering the restaurant, diners will be immediately impressed with the store’s décor and quiet Japanese standard space. The menu of the restaurant is also very diverse, with traditional Japanese snacks such as sashimi, sushi, takoyaki, …


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