Orange carrot juice is full of nutrients and just use one glass of juice per day you will be full of energy. So you have grasped the effects and how to make standard carrot orange juice? If not, check out the recipe shared by top bartenders below!

The effect of carrot orange juice

Fresh pure fruit juice is the recommended drink that is recommended every day because the amount of vitamins and minerals it provides to the body is countless, the great use that fruit juice gives you as help. Increase resistance, improve health, prevent disease, make skin comprehensively from the inside out.

With carrot orange juice, the specific effects are as follows:

Anti-aging: In carrots contain high content of betacarotene. This substance after entering the body will be converted into vitamin A. This is a vitamin that helps to slow down the aging process extremely effectively. In addition, vitamin A in carrots also promotes collagen production and effectively treats acne.

tác dụng nước ép cam cà rốt

Orange carrot juice is good for health (Image: Internet)

Provides antioxidants: Antioxidants found in both oranges and carrots play a very important role in preventing the formation and development of cancer cells.

Provide vitamin C for weight loss: The amount of vitamin C in oranges will help you lose weight, firm muscles safely and effectively. Combining the use of carrot orange juice with proper exercise and diet is the optimal weight loss solution.

Clean and detox with ginger: When making carrot orange juice, people often add a little ginger. This ingredient not only enhances the flavor, but also enhances the nutrition and flavor of the drink. Ginger will help you warm your stomach, reduce the unpleasant symptoms of stomach illness. In particular, the mechanism of action of 40 antioxidants in ginger will help cleanse and detoxify the body extremely well.

How to make delicious, nutritious orange carrot juice at home

With such great effects, do not hesitate to try this drink immediately. How to make a standard carrot orange juice below, stay tuned!

Ingredients prepared to make carrot orange juice

• Delicious orange with 1 fruit

• Two carrots

• Syrup of sugar 160 ml

• Lemon juice 10 ml

• Ice

• Ginger 2 thin slices

How to make carrot orange juice
Step 1: Preliminary processing of raw materials

Cut oranges in half, marinate 2 sides of oranges into a plate of sugar. Carrots peeled, washed, cut into pieces, removed the pulp. Next, you dip carrots in 100ml sugar syrup to make the juice more beautiful and delicious.

Step 2: Squeeze oranges and squeeze carrots

Orange you squeeze water, carrot, ginger, put into the press, squeeze the juice. After squeezing the orange juice, put in about 10 ml of lemon juice to increase the acidity of the oranges, the taste will be much richer.

cách lấy nước ép

How to get the juice of carrots

Step 3: Mix the juice

Pour the two juices into the shaker, add 60ml sugar syrup, 30ml of water and ice cubes and shake well until the juice is foamy, feel the cooler outside, then pour the carrot orange juice into a glass or jar. Add a sprinkle of mint and flowered carrots to make the drink more eye-catching.


You can adjust the sweetness according to your family’s taste. Enjoying carrot orange juice when cold will taste better, you can put the juice in the refrigerator and shake it when you want.

ngon hơn khi uống lạnh

Orange carrot juice tastes better when it is cold

For children, just put it in the cooler a little bit, even without ice because the child should not drink too cold. People with stomach problems should drink this carrot orange juice about 2 hours to 3 hours after a meal, should not drink when too hungry will affect the stomach.

Wishing you all success with the carrot orange juice making we recommend!

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